About Vatican city

About Vatican cityFirst Vatican Council began on June 29 1868. The Catholic system, until October 1958. The main objective is to contemporary issues such as rationalism, liberalism and materialism that solve time. The Second Vatican Council, which was launched in January 1959, mainly related to the decoration of the church for the new evangelization more effective, making the language of the world to understand the world. Both municipalities are never fully three striking dilemma Church, which continues to this day continues to meet the accessibility of the Eucharist, homosexuals and women’s suffrage. This document therefore focuses on three areas of concern of the Church and created requirements of third Vatican Council. My reason to follow such a radical change.

For starters, it is the current state of the Eucharist, so that only Catholics participate in his glory. It is very bad. The main reason is that it attempts to distract violating the sacrament of Christ, on the basis of information of Padre Pio of Satan to Jesus’ sacrifice as he dealt with the agony in the garden (Holy Rosary and Padre Pio, Padre National Centre, Pennsylvania, February 11, 1985). So it is not that all people have access to the Eucharist, which has resisted the tendency to improve the Christ. These extra strong to fear. In addition, the institution of the Eucharist, Christ trying to get rid of all the people around him to get to remember his body and blood does not know what a total lack of respect for both as Vatican I and Vatican II. So for this reason that an adequate supply of the Eucharist is not good, Vatican I and Vatican II.

About Vatican cityNext homosexual orientation is not good, because under the terms of Vatican I and II. That homosexuals should not have access to the Roman Catholic Church. It is a false statement, because in my opinion, I think people who want different types of sexual preferences should not be treated as an outcast by the church. Also want to position the new changes in the churches of the Eucharist, the Church is also good to keep the symphony for these people, because they can vary in their sexual preference did not help and therefore not responsible or once discrimination. It is for this reason that the Church had now to increase the proclamation of the Vatican III.

Finally, the third Vatican was done to take care of women’s rights. Although the Vatican tolerates women who have been raped, the church’s position relative to now turn to other aspects of women’s rights, such as contraception and poor attitude to contraception. KB is required in the case of many third world countries, because the question of Planned Parenthood is necessary for a healthy balance to overcome overcrowding as an example. So the Vatican III, if implemented, would be more than correct the situation. It is for this reason that I believe the Vatican III is required.

Finally, the newly elected Pope Francis must now carefully examine past failures Vatican I and II due to strict policies and launch a new reform. These reforms offer the Eucharist to all the people and change their position if homosexuals are treated and how women are treated. I will pray for the pope by moving in this direction, and I hope you will join me in prayer. What a wonderful improvement would be achieved if the new Vatican. Finally, this tremendous opportunity exists for the Roman Catholic Church.

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