Award Plaques to be Proud About

I had been in this mining company for more than three decades, and I was about to retire when I received the beautiful plaques. Many people always talk about the meaning behind the thing, but I insist that the plaque itself is something I am proud about. I do really like it.

This mining company had rough time and I was in the team. I was raising three kids during the time and the money is barely pay the entire bills but I stayed anyway. I stayed and even more, I decided to do more. I worked more hours with those guys, helping the company to figure its way. Finally, the hard work was paid off. Company is getting better and better and I continue my hard work through the years, only to find myself with great award plaques someone can have. It feels like I’m holding Oscar-class kind of plaque in my retiring day.

I never realized they recognized my hard work. During the time, I just tried to have good faith on the company for the sake of my family. Yet, this company gave me the plaques as recognition for my hard work, great performance through the years, and my loyalty to them. I was touched but I was more amazed on the plaques. The story behind it is awesome, but the plaques is beautifully made, personalized with company logos and personal quote to remind me of the good times. This is one of the nicest personalized awards I have ever seen and I get to have it.

I really hope people like me will have the same thing. I hope their hard work and loyalty are recognized and they get to receive an award plaque for it, a nice one like the one I have. I hang it on the hall so people can see it now.

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