Better schools

Better schoolsPrivate schools in the UK, traditionally regarded as public schools are known for hundreds of years. To say that the battle of Waterloo was won on the grounds of Eton games, the Duke of Wellington is suspect. Eton, and Winston Churchill School, Harrow, and many others have found, and today remains an attractive level of children’s education rules, aristocrats and oligarchs worldwide. Even before the two British generations still better schools, some of which sent more students, the University of Oxford and Cambridge and Eton and Harrow. And these schools are open to children of the house of the simplest light.

In the years after the end of World War II, all children in England to take the age-decade review to determine the type of secondary education at the age of eleven. All called “The Pixie Plus” has provided free education in a gym. Those who grew up in a failure of the high school with the opportunity to transfer to the technical school of business at the age of thirteen. In this system, each child is evaluated and assigned to the most appropriate level of education.

Better schoolsWith the severity of the Eleven Plus, the investigation may think that all high school students, the university, the potential of the materials, but are not. At the end of the first year, about half of the students in the “A” to the Academy, and half expected after you leave the O-level examinations at the age of sixteen, or find other means business or professional career. About five percent of putting children through college, and most of them are in high school, with Manchester Grammar School direct transfer regularly to all major public schools.

There is no doubt that the school is the best school ever British and the system in which it operates most had not. Children from poor families are added intelligent, and doors removed children of rich parents, if they are not up to par. Admission is based purely on merit. It is often said that in the UK, the Prime Minister is always on top and Eton public school, but for a number of years as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took the lift to school the senior civil service . It is possible to discern some years, but the mid-1960s, schools were swept by the government Harold Wilson, again, so that the pursuit of excellence in the private sector.

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