Florida Fire Officers To The Rescue

Florida Fire Officers To The RescueThe other day we were called to a reversal in Plantation (Broward County) to attend. The driver, a young man who was trapped in the side of the vehicle near the driver’s background. A team went to the back window and crawled inside. The car was still moving, so he was in the garden and took the key. He was suspended from his belt, but because of the high risk of injury to the spinal cord, leaving them rather than risk any step that might cause damage.

Florida Fire Officers To The RescueIt was protected by a cover glass and leaning his body on top. For added protection, when we started, before seeing them under the windshield must also cross the column on each side of the cutting windshield, so the roof far enough for this purpose, the double access. Since we have free access to my colleague gently pulls him so I could put a collar on the preparation for transfer to a board.
Fortunately for women who just a few bruises, scratches and other minor injuries. Another similar accident, but I was never so easy in my capacity as paramedics and firefighters and people in cars not so lucky visited.

Florida Fire Officers To The RescueThe Reasons Why I’m A Florida Fire Officer 1

Although there is a lot of stress on Being paramedics and firefighters are involved, it is always a very rewarding career exactly the same. Indeed service in Miami during my time, I met two high ends and low extremes as well. But even in the most painful and tragic situations we encounter, we rub, because tomorrow is a new day, and will be the person or people who need our help are different. And whenever you have a life or someone in your house or apartment, or register resolve a dangerous situation without being killed or seriously injured, it makes up for the times when, despite our efforts, we can not live or house having to store or to prevent someone from serious damage.

Florida Fire Officers To The RescueAnd as a bonus – in the front seat of the car fire extinguisher is always provided to the employee, to avoid having to destroy in the back seat!

EMT training and certification of firefighters from head to Florida
If you think what I do is a valuable contribution to society and want to know more about the leader of certification for teaching firefighters in Florida in the Florida services fire or teach Florida State Fire College. You need a fire certificate before being a firefighter and EMT, you must have a ticket for the moment – both EMT-B (Basic) or EMT-P (Paramedic).

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