living in intelligence

 living in intelligenceThere is a constant debate over whether or not aliens exist.┬áThe most common argument against the superior intelligence, which is why they contact us? After all, if they really as smart as I am sure they could find a way for the country? Well, I’ll let you think about it.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World, he is not interested in stinging, it can be transformed when he arrived. He is interested in intelligent life, like India, something similar. Those most exciting discovery, everything else is irrelevant. So what if a civilization that is more intelligent, but they only communicate with other intelligent life forms? You will pass by us every day lower imprudence our civilization, and we do not even realize.

As people build a skyscraper of 100 floors and sat on the right is an ant nest. Ants do not know anything more intelligent than something much more impressive than anything you can understand the trust. They are just not at the level of intelligence.

 living in intelligenceThen you say, “Well, we heard no sign of space, it would not have received any kind of communication between them,” It was a bit like going to an office building with a walkie talkie you enables walkie-talkie?., checking every channel, heard nothing and does not take one. Of course, you can not report to each with advanced technologies such as mobile phones and e-mail. It is the same with a more advanced civilization. They may have some form of communication is much more advanced than we are capable of recording signals.

Foreigners can whistle by us every day and we do not even realize. Just like a human anthill each passing day and not know ants. They are just not smart enough to know that the gift of nature is more complex. After all, if intelligent alien intergalactic travel quite successful because they tend to have a world that is more intelligent than man as the most intelligent human being made in the world of ants. You can use a number of complex technologies that we do not even understand. It would be like an ant over the Internet, the whole world will never understand.

There is no scientific proof, just think of something. We were very understanding about the existence of aliens as the ancient Greeks on the earth is flat and the center of the universe. Hopefully one day we will be able to solve everything and more about the universe around us.

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