Magnificent Bear Better

Magnificent Bear BetterTo bring friends, special holiday wildlife offers the opportunity to see the beautiful animals close enough. With a qualified nature guide, can potential Bears observers both habits and antisocial behavior, often poorly door to interpret. Like most areas of knowledge, the world seemed to describe the game using a specific set of conditions to animal behavior. This master zoological terminology can help novice observer carries an expert in no time.

  • Bear Habits

In general, most bears are his day, which means they are active during the day and sleep at night, people do. However, live bears have tended night, sleeping during the day and wander in search of food at night to prevent people from neighboring towns and villages. You may also find that the prime time to see a bear on holiday in wildlife either dawn or dusk, as some bears tend to be boring, which are active at dusk.

The Bear Diet

If people, most bears are omnivorous and eat both plants and animals. There are some exceptions. Carnivorous polar bears, for example, have evolved to feed almost exclusively on marine mammals such as seals, in the absence of vegetation in the Arctic Circle. Giant panda, however, are herbivores, eating only bamboo – sometimes up to 14 kg per day.

Magnificent Bear BetterBears spend much of their time foraging, seeking common fruits, nuts, roots, grains and other food sources. They are both very curious and opportunistic, and almost everything to investigate as a potential food source. One of the best times to catch a meal beer run during the annual Atlantic salmon and Pacific salmon upstream to spawn. On their way, a number of salmon is probably caught and eaten by black and brown bears, who know their habits.

  • Contact Bear

Bears are known to growl threaten, but they also have a variety of other sounds. The cries of the bear may offer mild threat, while the bear barking concerned and may be enthusiastic. You can support panting sounds during courtship or warn of imminent danger boy. Growl and roar once warning sounds scary, it is difficult to express the sovereignty of the bear. If you are lucky enough to have some bear watching wildlife holiday, you can hear how humming, which is a possible sign of satisfaction, like purring like a cat.

  • Sleep like a bear

Northern Bear, except for polar bears hibernate in winter. In late fall, black and brown these retreats to his cave, like shelter, sleeping in the cold dry season. Decrease in body temperature and slows down your metabolism, making them spend 3-8 months without food and waste. Before hibernation, the bear has entered a period of overeating or overeating on body fat reserves they need to be put in the spring. Surprisingly, the woman gave birth during hibernation, and start melting snow. A bear may cave in the fall, but in the spring, you can see three or four-turn!

Wear a complex, fascinating animals and has long captured the imagination of man. During the holidays view game support, you are privileged to observe wildlife, such as nature created them. With qualified experts as a guide, natural beginner can come to understand the impressive animals.

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