Make Friends With Native English Speakers

Make Friends With Native English SpeakersFirst meeting / introductory Manufacturing

At its first meeting / introduction do not worry about the accent or vocabulary. It is much more important to show that you are. Whenever a person with a good personality

* The very warm and welcoming Western culture that rules the first session. People laugh and seem eager to meet him. It is not always clear. But with some even brought a kind of open questions, body language (smile, arms uncrossed and eye contact), and vice versa. Although you do not make culture, the movement experienced by English speakers).

Make Friends With Native English SpeakersIntonation

Many non-native speakers sound very serious, even if they do not matter. There may also be cultural differences in body language and facial expressions, as well as some thoughts on how to get the courage to mix continue the conversation.

Also found, you can try your sweet sorrow. In general, not up and down the pitch at the end of a sentence to give the impression of a kind of creation.

Make Friends With Native English SpeakersPlan activities that are useful and fun for Anglophones

Language Exchange – by offering help with homework / practice … not to offer free courses.

Often, anglophones who want to learn their mother tongue. Of course, language is a good idea. Nevertheless, an effort will be necessary to effectively learn the language is difficult for you. Anglophones can be stopped and a lack of motivation. You may cancel your tongue meetings so frustrated and a little confused.

Make Friends With Native English SpeakersA better approach would be to claim that the English to pay for lessons from a professional teacher, then you can help with homework. This is because if you free lessons to share with you so they can not take them seriously and stop learning. However, if you pay for the teacher, they are usually more frequent in the classroom and help the need for homework. They also change the language in this way.

Their culture can not keep to themselves. On the popular origin, to go out with you to a party, everyday cooking, etc. non tourist restaurants “local” commune ..

Make Friends With Native English SpeakersYou may think that their culture is not demanding and interesting for English speakers. However, this is not always the case. Many speak English have a genuine interest in other cultures, even if they are not glamorous.

Anglophones as things that are not “tourist”. Try to invite them to participate in everyday activities. Invite them to help cook food or go out to you and your family to a party in a restaurant, give you a glimpse of the culture and customs of their interest. They have a value of more follows than offering something like a guide for the day as you. Here you will find friends with native English speakers based build understanding and to find a real experience.

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