Mine Planning and Development

Mine Planning and DevelopmentGeology and perform many other factors determine the method of extraction. For very high level of open production since the beginning of the exploration process is guaranteed. Recovery, economic control of content, flexibility, safety, working conditions, etc., are open unsatisfactory term. For example, particularly in the US Surface mining country, and Sweden is a country of underground mining.

Mine Planning and DevelopmentSo compared to higher productivity than mine to underground mining. This investment is also lower for mining. In the open pit, the ore is generally high recovery of 95%.

Costs ore grade over the elimination of stress, energy demand, the risk of accidents, etc. They play an important role in determining the mining method.

There are four types of mine planning and conceptual understanding in the short, medium and long term. Concept Plan is the basis of all other plans and has a wingspan of about 60 years. The short-term duration and an interim plan about five years. Long-term plan for the life of the mine.

Mine Planning and DevelopmentFluctuations in costs, technology, knowledge of operating conditions, etc. lead to a change in plans. The effect of the plan variables. For example, a conceptual plan in some mines anticipated problems.

Geological, geotechnical environmental, hydrogeology, mining methods, machinery, etc. They should be known in advance to prepare a long term plan.

A mid-range plan for the solution means that a number of specific problems. Operationally short-term plan in nature. Plans for infrastructure should make use of existing facilities.

Mine Planning and DevelopmentPlanning the day on a small scale in nature. They are prepared for the daily needs of mineral production and supply of me. Strategic Plan for solving unexpected problems, such as market fluctuations and economic losses, an increase in average income.

Data such as geology, mineralogy, structural, economic, etc. needed to prepare the plan. Mine planners should also consider that a waste product produced in large quantities in the mining industry to other industries.

Mine Planning and DevelopmentAccording to Taylor, the mine life (t) in the same year and 0.20 (R) 0.25 Power. Where R reserves expected from a deposit tons. The annual capacity of the mine (Q) in tonnes per year is equal to the R / T error should not exceed 20%.

Profit maximization and cost minimization is the optimization criterion. The capacity of the mine depends on the purpose of the mining industry.

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