the best Virtues from Modern Teacher

  • the best Virtues from Modern TeacherVirtue as it Be

The result is defined as “a way of life with the principles of morality.” Virtue can be detected by routine culture to build habits that are included in these principles. Vertu is somehow an innate part of human nature . It is therefore necessary for a teacher to a number of sets of virtues, understand less maintenance is very important, because education will be presented to generations of humanity. This idea’s actual results the ultimate goal of education is to help each act.

  • Basic

There are many principles that teachers must adapt, but they can not negotiate with elastic rotating basis to help the evil doctrine. They add even more value to the entire system related to quality. Basically, can not be ignored because it became a symbol of the relationship between student and teacher, and wipe the dynamics of critical resistance. Virtue, or, what amounts to the same quality and character of a good teacher is: -

1. Gravity, a virtue as a teacher, outdoor play hug courtesy, politeness and order.

2. wisdom, virtue that gives teachers knowledge on the highest of the sound principles.

the best Virtues from Modern Teacher3. Patience, virtues that make them less teachers’ needs and closely related to the education of youth.

4. Prudence, virtue understand a teacher, he / she must do, and do what he / she needs to avoid.

5. generosity, virtue, that of his students made the teachers spending / his personal interest in volunteering.

  • Great irony

Regardless of major, a modern teacher is very conscious of the fact that social benefits they view as an educator is justified, it can not, in the midst of their own function or perception. Instead, they are used in stature managed by each agency and not to focus on what he brought. Before that, the technology can be justified and can then be transferred on aspects of software installation and administration of the school, meet the situation that comes and, rather than adopting modern masters their claims. This may alleviate the situation somewhat and helped change the scenario and provide better opportunities and teacher training is invaluable.

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