The main features of the new teacher

The main features of the new teacherThe whole nation is increasingly difficult to recruit the class teacher. This does not mean that we lack for young people with particular ideologies for a difference in the lives of children and young people, it’s just more work than more difficult with rising expectations and very low wages, in general, if you compare the possibilities Another career in the same formation. Also, no matter how a teacher, and turns him / her, children were variable – get something; others not; Unfortunately, some do not. But once taught students, future teachers and new staff for over 45 years, I can tell you that the job is fun, exciting and rewarding, with the bits or anxiety and frustration. No other profession for these young children in understanding and thinking to keep small children. It is interesting, surprising and fun.

The main features of the new teacherBecause it is difficult to find local teachers, implemented alternatives. This should include licenses, teaching full-time during the study, establishing long-term occasional teachers and the co-teaching teams, with attention to retired teacher services, and many other intelligent methods . This decision is effective as a whole, especially if the program is to be presented clearly the direction. Instead of using the main new teachers and music books, he / she shall be also guides and dedicated coaches, to make a successful first year of the contract (and follow a lot). Mentor would be wise, eloquent, thoughtful and very experienced in teaching and leadership. So what are the characteristics of a new ideal teacher? Porous and permeable.

The main features of the new teacherNow you may be wondering why a porosity and permeability are the main features. In my years as a mentor / coach, showed two components, new professionals, who are ready to learn, to try to be heard, to review, correct, redirect, and brings understanding and performance for all students . Permeability end absorb new ideas, techniques and methods, understanding sponge remarks as well permeability, design and new ways of thinking to explain, and application of knowledge. Teachers with these skills are simple, tasteful. Any proposal that works and build their repertoire of teaching and handling to meet the needs of their students, in particular, do you remember the students is a variable? Therefore, any student or thinking exactly the same time on the same teacher teaches requires a series of exceptional talent, modify the statement in different ways. It is part of the tension, as part of the challenge class.

The main features of the new teacherIf I were a teacher fresh out of college or a veteran who had moved to my district are included in our introductory course, the type of porous / permeable increased. Marginalized, compacted, porous nature / leaky. The final category consists of people who already know everything about everything, and refused to ideas or products offered to listen. Your old is the “best” way and drilled ears and Deaf brain. These are also people who, if they know everything about everything spent little or no time in the classroom. It is an impossible task for the last group, mentoring and coaching. You can take a science teacher, but he / she may refuse to suck lick!

The main features of the new teacherIf you are considering a class teacher, type the porous / permeable test. You’re sweet? Smart enough to recognize that you do not know everything (yet, or not at all)? Bold enough to work with young people, because you bring knowledge and insight into 99 different ways? Ready to listen, try to read and learn every day? Work from early morning until late at night to eat and many upcoming weekends? If you can answer yes, schools and children that you need! Making a career change today in their education of the school district, college or university, the Ministry of Education and provides the favorite teacher of all time. A satisfying and rewarding career awaits.

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