Unschooling My Autodidact

Unschooling My AutodidactMy daughter is? A self-taught? I’ve never heard that word used before. As much as this might sound like a terrible disease, it is not. This simply means that the “self”. After this revelation, I soon realized why traditional education does not. Structured program seems too restrictive and limited, so tired, and cause fear, then the next logical step, I think, is to make his home school. Finally I went, homeschooling is also limited, and this is also the nature and teaches free, that’s how he learned best limited. Not knowing what to do, I began to investigate other options and found the term “unschooling,” which also “natural learning” or “autonomous learning” unorthodox and unusual, so I immediately knew instinctively that you might call it was exactly what my child needs to keep individuality and self-motivation to learn their approach.

Unschooling My AutodidactAs a child learn without “formal education? How will they learn math? Science? This FAQ, the answer is very simple. Life teaches. All we have to do is take a child to think of all the things and, of course, instinctively know before he or she ever comes into the classroom. Think of how creative and resourceful they are, as the playing field and not to stifle the study. Why should they be made at any time by the company, click on the pause button should be inspired to learn independently, and if walking robots, is a class, they are not designed according to the system to encourage individuality. Now every child is forced taught an integrated program of individuals whatsoever that all children need to learn that they need to learn, and this period should be studied developed. He does not believe that children learn together or not required to do so as quickly as the others, and must, or expected. Knowing that is what my child is facing, and conscious of my child can not thrive and will not survive in an environment like this, I went to find an alternative solution … what unschooling.

Contrary to the belief that “unschooling” means “no education” at all, as opposed to the traditional teaching is unschooling non-stop student. Life happens every second of every day. So keep learning unschooler! Mathematics science, history, physics, etc. It can happen easily all be taught by events around them every day. Unschoolers offers very aware of the juiciness of life, and use it with enthusiasm and every ounce of what life offers every day!

Of course I am aware, everyone will not agree with the idea of ​​”unschooling” as a good way for the education of children. I’m not here to promote anything to change anyone’s mind jure or any form of education or indicate otherwise. I know exactly what works for us. Due to the fact that my daughter was self-taught, coupled with the fact that, for them, they learn better if they are given the freedom to explore and learn on your own schedule became their schools safe and natural way to learn receiving available.

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