Vocational training in Vietnam: still waiting for UNIDO

Vocational training in Vietnam: still waiting for UNIDOVietnam has a unique network of basic vocational training center, which is an opportunity in the education of young people who spend, useful skills less fortunate and live together. The first stone was an international training of technical experts (ITTE), the great interest in these centers during treatment with the Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO) from 1997 to 1999. Taken with the excellent center in Ho Chi Minh City for a training set of the new computer-controlled machinery, and in January 2015 it is possible to see a return visit progresses how to operate it.

Vocational training in Vietnam: still waiting for UNIDOVocational be sustained and perhaps a vestige of the Soviet era in the history of Vietnam. As such, they are considered by a quit date the modern system and must be replaced. Many are clearly not in his assignment, poorly equipped and poorly protected, but the two centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City, a good full service managed by skilled and dedicated drivers.

He estimated that the centers of excellence that will be used as a model to encourage others to improve performance. At the same time training must be inspired to found a state program introduced by links with higher technical institutions. In fact, it is necessary to integrate all technical education in a way that advanced students have left the system, while the transfer of new technologies and training opportunities at the base.

Vocational training in Vietnam: still waiting for UNIDOHe was probably one of the best training centers in Ho Chi Minh City supports connection to a high-level technical institutes in Germany. The German technical trainer is excited to expand its influence, and after discussion, decided to recommend the implementation of the program of the CNC machine professional level. Two metals instructor technical school sent for training and equipment, orders for training. This training has been completed, but the hardware has not yet arrived at the beginning of November 1999.

Vocational training in Vietnam: still waiting for UNIDOIn January 2015, we can see how to make a return visit to Fared project. The center continues to occupy two nearby locations are the same, there was a remodeling over the past 15 years. Unfortunately, there is still recognized in the parents submit UNI. Dynamic Mr. Nghi was replaced by a female pilot kept a polite hello and had a brief tour of the workshop.

Facilities looked the same as in the last century, but in response to a specific request for access to a controlled workplace assigned by computer. Two machines were in place, but a little neglected and demand underutilized. Director complain that they are old and should be replaced by modern machines. It has been said that if they want to reapply for UNIDO for help and support and recommendation can be made available.

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