Why are the best private schools

Why are the best private schoolsMuch has been said and written about the state of public education in the United States – is hardly good! Declining completion rates, test scores are the differences between poor and increasing system performance once revered for decades plagued. No wonder parents often the financial means to send their children to private schools. Here offering a number of advantages to this system.

  • High academic standards

A major reason why private institutions have higher rates of graduation and college during the company they expect more of their students. Therefore, students need to express themselves, to succeed in an academic environment that strict.And in most cases, children can growing expectations. Many foster a love of learning that will last long after their school. We should also mention that independent institutions are much better in preparing students for higher education. How do you know? According to recent reports, more than a third of high school graduates are prepared for college course entry.

  • Why are the best private schoolsSafe environment

Difficult to focus on learning, if you are concerned about your safety. The latest data confirm that violence in public schools in the US are on the rise. For the first time in decades, caused the damage and theft of personal belongings in 2014. The other concern is the increase of the alarming trend in the number of physical attacks against teachers. Due to the lack of students and secure environment many serious crimes is not unusual in an independent institution.

  • Individual attention

Because they are funded privately and accepts only manage a certain number of students, independent adjustment of the size of the class can. A recent report concluded that private schools have about half the number of students per class. This allows teachers to spend more time with each student inside and outside the classroom. An inevitable consequence of this extra attention to academic success are higher on average. Plagued by a star student at school, every child can benefit if teachers more time for them.

  • Why are the best private schoolsAccess to the arts

If your child is a public school, there is a good chance that it has little or no exposure to the arts. The reason? For children to rigorous testing that will determine how much money they will receive government support in the preparation, more and more public institutions cut arts. Because they are private funded, independent institutions can create their own program. Consequently, almost all of them give students the opportunity to explore their talent on stage or in studio.

  • Discipline and values

About 80 percent of private school students in the United States for a visit to a religious belief. Many do so because they believe (or their parents) education must include both a theoretical and religious education. You can not even manage much school discipline. Since private institutions to make their own rules, can students for behavior problems that can not be accepted dissipate. By comparison, it is much more difficult, difficult, dangerous and even remove students from government agencies.

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